What we do

We are a group of companies passionate about Erlang and Elixir,
working jointly to spread our love for the languages and the community.

We gathered around shared values:

  • produce advanced Erlang and Elixir products
  • push the Erlang environment further
  • build innovative and never seen before projects
  • spread our love for elegant and beautiful solutions
  • promote excellence in Erlang applications
  • respect the community and work harmoniously together to progress as a group

We focus on:

  • providing advanced inexpensive workshops given by experts in their own fields
  • avoid marketing materials and focus on providing great value
  • share videos on advanced technical topics

Are you open to Elixir products?

Yes, Erlang community is increasingly incorporating Elixir as a nice language working on top of the Erlang Virtual Machine and leveraging the power of Erlang with a very different syntax. Advanced Erlang Initiative companies already support Elixir in their products. We consider Elixir to be a full part of the Erlang ecosystem.

Can we help companies with an Erlang or Elixir based project?

As companies used to work together, the companies part of the initiative are happy to help with their products, possibly on the basis on a joint effort. We can put you in touch with the right company.

However, this remains the work of the member companies. Advanced-Erlang Initiative is not in itself a commercial venture.