• March 11, 2016

Full schedule of Basho Advanced Erlang Workshop published

We have updated the event with the schedule for the March 22nd Basho Riak Workshop in London.

This training program is a set curriculum to familiarise individuals with Riak features and development best practices, including: key-value core, the Erlang client, conflict resolution, and data modelling.

Detailed schedule:

  • 9:30 Intro to Riak

  • 10:00 Basic Anatomy

  • 10:30 Talking to Riak

  • — BREAK —

  • 11:00 Consistent Hashing, Claim

  • 11:30 Replication, Sloppy Quorum

  • 12:00 Ownership Handoff, Hinted Handoff

  • 12:30 The Claim Game (LAB)

  • — LUNCH —

  • 14:00 Riak Installation & Setup (LAB)

  • 14:30 CRUD Operations (LAB)

  • — BREAK —

  • 16:00 Data Modelling, Access Patterns

  • 16:30 Conflict Discovery & Resolution

Participants will come away with the knowledge to design and develop basic applications using Riak. Includes theory, best practices, and hands-on lab time. Each attendee will receive lunch plus a free Little Riak Book and Riak t-shirt!

Please bring your own laptop in order to participate in the hands-on labs, running a Unix-based OS or virtual environment.

Click here to register for Basho Riak Workshop.

See you there!