• December 11, 2015

Join our next Advanced ejabberd Workshop in Krakow, Jan. 26th

Our first ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop was a great event, mixing really nice advanced talks with the opportunity to meet ejabberd core developers.

Tickets for the next event are now on sale.

This time we will focus on explaining how to leverage ejabberd power from Elixir and how to bring Elixir power to ejabberd.

As an ejabberd developer, you will learn how to get started with Elixir. As an Elixir developer, you will learn what ejabberd can bring you as a central framework component of your system.

Here are the talks that will be presented (initial schedule):

  • Elixir Introduction for ejabberd developer
  • Developing for ejabberd in Elixir: Environment, toolchain and API
  • ejabberd Pubsub Core as Phoenix channel back-end
  • Testing ejabberd Erlang code base with Elixir

We think that we have planned something that is already very worth your time, but be sure that this is only a first schedule and we are preparing new talks to be added to the agenda.

So, join us in Krakow to attend our workshop to ramp up your ejabberd, Erlang and Elixir and learn how to build state of the art real time messaging platforms.

Click here to register for ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop on Eventbrite.

We are offering a Christmas birds registration price until december 24th, so this is the right time to decide to attend.

See you there !