• September 8, 2015

Nine Nines (Cowboy) joins Advanced Erlang Initiative

We are happy to announce that Nine Nines is joining Advanced Erlang Initiative. Nine Nines is the company behind Cowboy web server, the reference Erlang HTTP server. Cowboy is used by many other projects like the Elixir Phoenix framework or ChicagoBoss, making it a very popular product, widely acclaimed in the Erlang community.

When Advanced Erlang Initiative was launched a couple of months ago, it was clear that the ecosystem of Erlang products was vibrant. It is very good news to see new forces joining the promotion effort around products that are critical for the Erlang ecosystem.

With Nine Nines joining the effort, Loïc Hoguin is now one of the Erlang experts involved in making the initiative successful. As such, a new day-long workshop for Cowboy is announced and will take place in March 2016. The new workshop is growing the list of worldwide expert talks that will take place in the coming months, around Quickcheck, ejabberd, and now Cowboy.