Advanced Erlang Initiative is a group of companies building reference Erlang and Elixir products. Our goal is to promote and spread the work of world class leading Erlang companies through inexpensive workshops, hands-on videos and from-the-field testimonials.

What we do

Upcoming events

NOV, 2016 Gothenburg, Sweden

Quickcheck Workshop

We invite users of the QuickCheck tool to demonstrate their work and share their experiences.

The workshop is intended for people that have been using QuickCheck and want to learn more about it.

Theme: Faulty cases testing Price: €100 ex. VAT

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DEC, 2016 Paris, France

ejabberd Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to give in-depth overview of the feature of ejabberd that can be use in the context of Internet of Things networks.

The workshop is for people that want to deepen their XMPP and ejabberd understanding.

Theme: Internet of Things Price: €100 ex. VAT

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Past events

MAR 22, 2016 London, UK

Basho Riak Workshop

This training program is a set curriculum to familiarise individuals with Riak features and development best practices, including: key-value core, the Erlang client, conflict resolution, and data modelling.

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FEB 23, 2016 Berlin, Germany

Quickcheck Workshop

This workshop will provide a hands-on course to QuickCheck Mini, the free version of QuickCheck.

The course is open for Elixir, Erlang programmers who want to learn property-based testing from experts.

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JAN 26, 2016 Krakow, Poland

ejabberd Workshop

This ejabberd Advanced Erlang Workshop will focus on leverage the power of Elixir and ejabberd together.

As an ejabberd developer, you will learn how to get started with Elixir. As an Elixir developer, you will learn what ejabberd can bring you as a central framework component of your system.

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